PDF Mosaic Library: PDF Mosaic version 1.1.514 has been released!

Good news! We've been released the next major version of PDF Mosaic Library - library to write/read/modify/fill PDF documents in .NET applications (Visual Basic.NET, C#, ASP.NET). The latest version contains a number of significant improvements and new features. 

New Featires and Improvements:

  • Added property PDFEditBox.TextRotationAngle;
  • Added methods PDFDocument.Append and PDFDocument.SaveRange;
  • Added support for Type1 and OpenType fonts;
  • Added methods PDFFont.FromFile and PDFFont.FromStream;
  • Added the ability to extract text - PDFPage.GetText;
  • Added optional content support - PDFOptionalContents, PDFLayer etc.;
  • Added support for managment of tables;
  • Added more samples;
  • Improved parsing of existing documents.

Download PDF Mosaic 1.1.514 now and give it a try. Check out the Samples and Manual to help you get started. The Tutorial is good for just getting started.


Download latest stable version

You can get latest stable version of PDF Mosaic here.

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